If you need to buy something for your dog, drop by Bark of the Town in Montgomery, NY. We carry a variety of awesome dog products, from leashes and collars to treats and toys.

Assorted pet merchandise

Treats and Toys

We have a selection of dog food that is packed with nutrients and are made from organic ingredients. Our store also carries various treats, such as dental sticks and other chewable items.

Every pet deserves a generous amount of recreation. Keep your dog playful and energetic the whole day by bringing home a toy or 2!

Leashes and Collars

Walking your dog at the park or around your neighborhood is always a fun experience for you and your dog. We have leashes and collars that are gentle on your pet—just the way they should be.


Bark of the Town carries dog harnesses as a suitable alternative to leashes and collars. Harnesses can serve multiple purposes, including dog training.

Shampoos and Colognes

Don’t allow fleas and other itchy pests to bother your canine companion. We sell shampoos and colognes that will make your dog clean and smell good all day long.


We carry assorted merchandise that your dog will surely love. These can also be used as gifts for your fellow dog owners!

Reward your pet with some fun and healthy treats from our store.
Send us a message or give us a call at 845-713-4027 for more information on our products.

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